If you have found yourself at my strange little corner of the web then I am indeed “Abnormally Delighted” to see you here.

Electri-Fountain!    Progress!

I’d like to promise amazing animations, award winning graphics and layouts worthy of your most torrid fantasies but simple facts prevent such. This is the newer version. The original attempt is available Here! The cookies and liquor links aren't super enlightening they were more for me to learn about navigation and folders.


·       This web page began life being served from a dual processor P3 866 MHz server rescued from certain destruction for the appropriate price of free. It now lives on the the upper PowerEdge 2950 under the turntable.

·       The domain name which brought you here cost less than a days worth of fast food to own for the year.

·       Quite frankly, my skills may just not be that good! Yet.


And the cat is still watching!